If you have a specific situation with an employee, customer or other individual related to a disability that you need help resolving, we can provide the following support:

  1. Situation Assessment: We can provide a comprehensive assessment of the situation, including ADA compliant options for the business/employer to best resolve the issue.
  2. Implementation: We then can help the business/employer decide which option(s) are best and then provide support during the implementation process.

What types of situations?

No matter what type of disability the individual has, we can provide situation assessment and implementation to ensure the issue is resolved and meets ADA compliance requirements. Possible types of issues include, but are not limited to:

  1. A Deaf customer who can't understand your staff. If a customer comes to your place of business and needs communication assistance due to Deafness or Hard-of-Hearing, what are you options and which is best? Some options include paper and pen, computer-assisted real-time captioning, FM amplification, interpreter, etc. In accordance with ADA, you must provide effective communication to every customer AND it is the customer who determines if the chosen method of communication was effective. So, what do you do if the customer is not satisfied and determines the communication was not effective? VOICE Inc. can help provide the most cost-effective solutions that also meet the customer’s specific needs.
  2. A customer with a cognitive disability that needs additional support. If you offer presentations or seminars, and an attendee has a cognitive disability, you must provide accommodation for that individual to get the full value from your offering.  According to the ADA, no one can be deprived of goods and services due to a disability. VOICE Inc. can help you identify an advocate to bridge the gap between the presentation and the customer.
  3. An employee that gets injured at work and needs adjustments made to continue doing the job. If an employee has a back injury at work and goes off on medical leave, you can’t fire them even if they are unable to do their original job. VOICE Inc. can do a physical assessment to make the working environment is suitable and accommodates the injury to allow the employee to continue doing their job.

Need help? Submit a request to VOICE Inc. for an accommodation assessment.

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