The Employment Services Department at V.O.I.C.E., Inc., takes great pride in consistently delivering person-centered job development and placement services to individuals with a diverse range of skill sets, needs and challenges. Our staff helps individuals make the transition into the workplace by offering support in everything from bridging the communication needs for deaf individuals to recommending adaptive technologies and techniques for those who may need them. We are proud of our consistently high rates of placement and retention for those we assist. The local employers continue to rate our services as professional and helpful in meeting their continuing workforce needs.


The Employment Assistance Process

Step 1: Screening

Our professional team carefully screens and assesses qualified candidates so that they can decide which career path they wish to pursue.

Step 2: Preparation

With a career path decided, our professional team can provide resume services, appearance coaching, interpreters for the interview, and interview preparation techniques to prepare the individual for Step 3.

Step 3: Search & Match

Once they have made a decision, a local job search of employers is conducted and a match with them is made. During job placement services, we match people to the positions that best match their skills, with the ultimate goal of long-term job placement.

Step 4: Job Coaching & Support

Our staff helps make the transition into the job by providing on-site job coaching, job skill development and American Sign Language interpreters, as needed. With job coaching, we work side-by-side with the individual until they learn the job at the standards provided by the employer. If needed, we provide a job coach for the entire duration of the position.

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