JOB SUMMARY:  Direct Care Workers advance the mission of the agency by providing support services to adults and children who have developmental disabilities and/or mental illness. These supports and services are identified in the person- centered plans of individuals served, and are typically oriented toward assisting the person to overcome limitations imposed by their disability while encouraging greater independence, health and safety, happiness, and a more productive life based on the preferences and choices of the persons served.  Shifts will be assigned in consumer’s homes, apartments and the local community. Shift lengths are established by the funding agencies (Community Mental Health, Department of Human Services, etc.) and may be anywhere from 1/4 hour to 12 hours in length. Multiple shifts may be assigned daily and travel between locations is required.  Transportation of consumers in a personal owned vehicle (POV) is required.  The Lead Staff position serves as a first-line supervisor (with minimal disciplinary powers) for other staff within the home and assists the CLS Management Team in insuring the best possible level of care by taking on the responsibilities listed below.



In addition to the responsibilities detailed in the Direct Care Worker Job Description, Lead Staff accept the following responsibilities:

  • Supervision – all actions by Lead Staff and subordinate staff affecting the care of the individuals in the home (positive or negative) are the responsibility of the Lead Staff.
    • Handle issues immediately either by counseling the staff member or referring more serious concerns to management for action.
    • Utilize Verbal Counseling forms to record all counseling sessions and submit them to management for review.
    • Maintain availability to respond to emergency calls from assigned staff members and provide guidance as necessary.
  • Scheduling – Complete draft monthly staffing schedules no later than the 15th of each month for review by the CLS Assistant Director and CLS Administrative Assistant. Ensure any changes are reported to the CLS Administrative Assistant.
    • Schedule themselves a minimum of 38-40 hours per week as CLS staff in assigned homes.
    • Schedule a minimum of 3 spot checks per week covering days/evenings and weekends and complete Spot Check Forms for each.
    • Ensure all shifts are covered, either by substituting other qualified staff or by performing duties as Direct Care Staff in the absence of available staff. If all options are exhausted, contact CLS Administrative Assistant for advice.
    • Monitor staff schedules/swaps/e-shifts to reduce overtime to zero.
  • Medical - Attend all scheduled physician’s appointments and maintain current knowledge of the consumer’s health status in order to answer health related questions.
    • Insure physician completes CMH Physician Progress Notes Form.
    • If unable to attend for any reason, ensure the staff person accompanying the consumer is able to answer pertinent questions.
      • All medical/psychiatric appointments should be scheduled during lead staff’s regularly scheduled hours if possible; if not possible, staff attending should attempt to schedule the next appointment during lead staff’s regularly scheduled hours.
    • Leadership - Delegate accountability to staff members for task areas such as Medication & Medical Equipment, Physical Home and Repairs, and Nutrition and Menu Planning while maintaining responsibility for the same.
      • Manage medications for the consumer, if applicable. Ensure sufficient quantities are maintained on hand, proper documentation is completed, prescriptions are kept filled and any changes ordered are reported to the CLS Assistant Director, CLS Managers/Trainers and other CLS staff.
      • Consumer Funds – Maintain accountability for consumer funds, if applicable, including but not limited to Michigan EBT (Bridge Card), petty cash funds, consumer private funds, etc. Ensure any spending restrictions are monitored, that staff are aware of any such restrictions and are complying with the same.  Accompany consumers to CMH, the ARC, or any other location where they may be receiving funds.
      • Ensure grocery shopping is completed in a timely manner, if applicable, and that the house menu, any special dietary restrictions or requirements are adhered to.
      • Ensure needed home maintenance and repairs (to include any vehicles) are completed in a timely manner.
      • Create a Chore Chart specific to the home and insure compliance by staff
    • Training - Ensure all new staff members are properly trained and possess the requisite skills and abilities to work alone before placing them in the shift rotation.
      • Create, update and utilize an approved training checklist to insure staff members are completely trained to standards.
      • Retrain staff as needed utilizing the Training Checklist, Counseling Forms and Employee Development Plans (as needed).
    • Documentation - Maintain and process documentation (Incident Reports, daily CLS Notes, individual progress notes, reports of doctor’s visits, Weekly Monitoring Sheets, etc.)
      • Ensure timesheets and all other documentation is ready for pickup by 8:00 am Monday mornings if on the Mail Run. Make arrangements for drop off NLT 12pm at the Midland Office if not on the Mail Run.
      • Ensure DHS Provider Logs are completed no later than the last date of the month and returned to the VOICE office in Saginaw no later than the next business day following the end of the month.
      • Provide a weekly summary of events/issues/suggestions for the home utilizing email.
    • Liaison - Serve as liaison between VOICE management and Direct Care Staff insuring management is kept aware of important issues.
      • Attend all House Meetings (CMH), Staff Meetings (VOICE) and other meetings/training as directed.
    • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Community Services.


SUPERVISED BY:  Director of Community Services.


QUALIFICATIONS:  High School diploma or equivalent.  Completion of CMH CENTRAIN Course. Completion of VOICE, Inc. Lead Staff Training Course.


REQUIREMENTS:  At least 6 months experience as a Direct Care Worker employed by VOICE, Inc.  Must be dependable, honest and willing to work with diverse groups of people with a variety of disabilities (i.e., mental illnesses, cognitive impairments, developmental disabilities, physical impairments).  Possess excellent written and verbal English skills.  Possess a document-able work history and good references (at least 2).  Possess a cell phone with an active talk/text and data plan and be willing to utilize the Band app as a communications tool. Pass a pre-employment drug test, physical and background check.  Must have a dependable car, valid Michigan driver’s license, current automobile insurance and a good driving record.  Willingness to work flexible hours and/or days when needed, including weekends and evenings.  Willingness to accept last minute assignments. Ability to lift, move and transfer individuals from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to bath/toilet, wheelchair to vehicle, etc. Maintain 38-40 hours scheduled as CLS staff in assigned. (Signing Direct Care Worker Only – Possess Intermediate level ASL skills as measured on the Signed Communication Proficiency Interview.)


VOICE, Inc. is accepting letters of interest for the positions of Lead Staff in select homes. Interested applicants should carefully read the Job Description, thoroughly familiarizing themselves with the duties of the position. We expect those selected to become integral parts of the VOICE team and that they will fully embrace our Corporate Philosophy, our Mission Vision and Values, and take ownership of the quality of services provided in their assigned home(s).  Questions regarding any of the listed job duties/requirements/ qualifications should be directed to Human Resources at 989.497.7111.


Letters of Interest must be delivered to Human Resources no later than 4:00 pm on July 31, 2017.

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