JOB SUMMARY: Provides real-time captioning utilizing either CART or C-Print software and equipment in a variety of settings in order to provide effective communications between deaf/hard of hearing individuals and hearing individuals.



  • Provide real-time captioning with the speed and accuracy needed for effective communication in a variety of settings (educational, legal, medical, community, social services, etc.); provide a communication link between the deaf individuals and speakers.
  • Provide captioning using appropriate notation, correct spelling and punctuation; indicate change of speakers and all other audible information.
  • Maintain and upgrade steno-captioning dictionaries for the variable settings.
  • Create and edit transcripts.
  • Use overhead projector and liquid crystal display unit in conjunction with real-time captioning equipment to make text readable to large audiences.
  • Serve as a liaison between the deaf and hearing impaired and the hearing individuals; explain the needs and concerns of the deaf, hard of hearing.
  • Remain current regarding developments, trends, techniques, and technology in the field of real-time captioning.
  • Provide assistance to the Interpretation Services Coordinator.
  • Provide and maintain current, state-of-the-art CART/captioning/court reporting equipment to perform these duties.


QUALIFICATIONS: Knowledge of court reporting methods and theories, real-time software and technology, and computer systems and equipment used in real time captioning. Comprehensive knowledge of the English language, including grammatical structures, syntax, and punctuation; listening skills to be able to listen for continuity, sense and detail while translating; working knowledge of the language used in the assigned translating situation. Commonly used computer programs such as Large Print DOS, WordPerfect DOS, Openwrite, and other related programs. Computer-aided transcription software programs such as C-Print, RapidText, ProCat, StenoCat, Premier Power, or newly developed programs. Thorough knowledge of the NCRA Code of Professional Ethics and guidelines for CART Providers specific to the interpreting environment. Use and operation of various devices for the Deaf and hearing impaired. General knowledge of the Deaf and hard-of-Hearing culture.


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