ASL and Voice Storytellers to Benefit a Great Deaf Cause

Help Support The Louise Tumarkin Zazove Foundation

The Louise Tumarkin Zazove Foundation is hosting an evening of ASL and Voice Storytelling at Eastern Michigan University to raise funds for their scholarship program for the Deaf.  (Download the flyer here).  Consider grabbing a couple of friends and making the drive to this worthwhile and fun event!

See below for an explanation of the Louise Zumarkin Zazove Foundation and its goals:

(Excerpted from the foundation website) People with hearing loss, regardless of its degree, tend to get less schooling. As a result, even when they complete high school, they read, on average, only at middle school level. Therefore their socioeconomic future is likely to be relatively low. Even a high school degree doesn't cut it in today's world. A college graduate earns 38% more in their lifetime, and a community college graduate earns 19% more during their lifetime, than someone with only a high school degree. Our foundation, by providing college scholarships and other assistance, is designed to change that situation -- to help people with hearing loss beat the odds.

Whether scholarship recipients prefer spoken English or American Sign Language, the Foundation's aim is to help them get the education they need to make their way more effectively in a hearing world. With a college or postgraduate degree, they will qualify for higher paying jobs, have more rewarding careers, and enjoy a better quality of life. Furthermore, they'll be more productive in our society.

What have we accomplished?

Since we began operations early in 2003, we've granted scholarships to nineteen students, at various colleges across the country. And we now have alumni, grantees who have completed college and are using their advanced education to establish their careers. All of our grantees had already done well in high school. They'd been active in sports and numerous other extracurricular activities, had volunteered in many ways both in and out of school, had been recognized as excellent college material by their teachers and were eager to continue their education. (end of exerpt)


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