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We schedule professional interpreters in medical, educational, legal, and corporate settings, specializing in American Sign Language. Connect with your interpreter via Zoom or on-site at your location.

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Deliver on your key objectives

Comply with federal and state disability accommodation law

Achieve satisfaction

Unhappy patients and employees can lead to lengthy complaint reviews and even fines. Prevent problems before they start by implementing a language access plan. Contact us to get started.

Gain continuity​

On-demand interpreting services give you the next interpreter in queue, who may never have met your client, and whom you may never see again. That’s a recipe for more errors and wasted time. With prescheduled services, you can get to know your interpreters. Given two interpreters of equal skill, the one who knows the case will perform the best.​

Embrace language diversity

Deaf and Hard of Hearing people may have unique communication needs. Regional language differences, degree of hearing loss, delays in language acquisition, previous educational opportunities and social factors can change how an interpreter works. We will assess the situation and the client and schedule an interpreter who can interpret effectively.

Gain better health outcomes

Many minorities experience lower health outcomes relative to majority population peers. Increase patient health equity by helping providers to make informed decisions and patients to understand their treatment.

Improve inclusion

Language diversity. Inclusion. Cultural sensitivity. Make your services multilingual. We’ll show you how.

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